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Time to run rampant

First published ( a re-worked version) in Khuluma, Kulula Air, February 2020 Who is your hooligan?! It’s all monkey business at In’t Aepjen, Amsterdam, Netherlands The In’t Aepjen (it roughly … Continue reading

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Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery

First published in Travel Ideas, August-September 2019 I only learnt of the Russian custom to say “let’s sit down for the road” or “Присядем на дорожку” after I returned from … Continue reading

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Hej! Stockholm!

First published (an edited version) in Fairlady, April 2019  The Swede Spot Flying into Stockholm looking down at the vast Swedish archipelago evokes imaginary pictures of the small island inhabited … Continue reading

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First published in SLOW, Edition 50 Baguettes, baguettes, baguettes. Usually reminiscent of France. But no longer. After a visit to Tunisia baguettes now evoke images of this North African destination. … Continue reading

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St Petersburg – From Russia with love

First published in FairLady, July 2016 Ensconced in a homestay apartment with unlimited access to vodka (advertised as such, but not true, strictly speaking) and a view over the Griboyedova … Continue reading

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Epicureans unite in Bordeaux

First published in Diversions, Autumn 2018 Quaffing First Growth wines at grand châteaux, visiting fairytale villages in Bordeaux and revelling in world-class cuisine three – or more – times a … Continue reading

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Intimate Venice

First published in Diversions, Winter 2017 To experience Venice (or Venezia in Italian) properly don’t even think about going in the European summer. An added bonus is that in winter … Continue reading

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